Another semester done…

So, I’ve finished another semester, and another year of nursing school.  I’m a year away from a BSN, and honestly, I’m ready to get it over with.  It’s been a long 3 years, filled with learning and stuff, but at least we get a summer break.  No more worrying  about tests or papers until the end of August.  Just work and stuff around the house.  Perhaps I won’t get so burned out as I did over the past school year next year, but until then… I get to test my poor little brain. 😎


Unboxing Videos on YouTube

So, Amanda has been on a kick as of late… watching videos of people unboxing stuff they’ve received from various internet sources.  Many of these are based around a theme, such as “cuteness” or “geekiness.” Some of these I actually find kinda neat. Some I find quite bizarre, but I can appreciate the effort and uniqueness that are placed into these collections.

Then I saw something today that totally screwed with my sense of reality.  It was a case of “who in their right mind would post something such as this” coupled with “people actually watch this tripe?”  It was a video of someone showing off her $45 haul from her trip to Dollar Tree. You read that right… Dollar Tree. Yes, you may find something cool there for only a dollar, but showing off the cleaning supplies, various generic food items, basic needs, (you get the idea) kind of stuff?  For crying out loud! I’ve seen more interesting stuff crawling in my back yard, but I don’t post a video of it!

I wonder what our world is coming to when this grade-A manure is passing for entertainment. I made Amanda laugh more at the snark fest I was putting on as she was revealing each less interesting item from her bag. Rant over.

Ridin’ Again

I sold our old pickup truck last year due to the fact that it was becoming a money pit.  Sure, it ran fine, but things kept going wrong, and I should have expected that with over 330k miles on it.  We still had two cars between the wife and myself.

Unfortunately, the blue Sunfire broke its timing chain, and due to its design (thank you engineers) bent multiple valves, making an easy fix impossible.  Luckily, my dad has a spare car, one with a manual transmission, and we’ve been able to get wherever we need to.
I finally got some extra money in this past week, and I was on a mission.  I found a vehicle in Bartlett, and it was nicely priced.  After a test drive, we decided to purchase, and so far, no regrets!  A vehicle that fits my personality, and didn’t break the bank for us.  Hopefully it’ll give me the same lifetime and usefulness my old truck did.

Snowy day…

I like snow. I don’t particularly like driving in it.  What makes it even more “fun” is that in the South, everybody thinks they’re Dale Earnhardt.  That’s when you see the multi car pileups on the interstate and the gawkers on the other side being too distracted from looking and causing another pileup.

Now that that’s off my chest, I’m actually happy to see the snow on the ground right now.  It reminds me that it’s winter and things are halfway normal. Especially considering that our Christmas saw temperatures that could potentially make Satan sweat.

I’m glad to see a new year, and maybe a little glad to see a new semester of school start up. I’ve been back in school for two and a half years, and it’s beginning to take its toll on me.  I know I’ve only got a year and a half left, but that’s little consolation for the present time.  Fortunately, I’ve only got 8 hours of college this semester.  That’ll make things a bit easier.

Ugly storm clouds

We had some storms come through our area yesterday, and a tornado warning was even announced for our area, but I haven’t heard confirmation of anything actually touching down.  There was a sighting of a funnel cloud, though.  I took a few pics and a vid of the view from my house.  Fortunately, this all passed north of my house, and nobody was hurt in our area due to the weather.

Well, here we go…

This is my first post on a wordpress blog, so I’m going to make it short and sweet.  I’m from West Tennessee, I’m currently in school to get my BS in Nursing, and I love getting away from it all in the outdoors.  Currently planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park this June, hoping to have a lot of fun with my wife, Amanda, and my Aunt Charlotte!

The Tennessee Trailblazer